Wardrobe Adjustment: 4 Ways to Hide Tommy Fat

by - Thursday, September 17, 2015


Tommy fat is not only a dangerous type of body fat, it has a cosmetic effect. Many ladies are forced to do a lot of gruesome things to hide that ugly looking sub cutaneous fat lurking beneath their tommies. Waist trainers and clinchers are very aggressive on the mid-section of the woman's body.
Even though there is no known side effect yet of using these products, I would advise that you go careful with them. However, while you are trying to look for other ways to reduce the fat in the tommy areas, you can do some wardrobe adjustments and rock outfits that help you appear confident without having to worry about a visible protruding stomach.


Blazers are very good at shaping a woman's body. Make sure you purchase correct sized and well tailored blazers. Buttoning it up or not helps to hide your bulgy tommy


Well, we know that peplums have come to stay. They are going nowhere and it's best to make them work for us. It could be tops, gowns or even skirts.

Oversized Tees and Chiffon Tops

When paired with appropriate bottoms, oversized tops give you a unique ready-to-go look. Oversized gowns too work for you. A lot of styles are in-vogue now, wear them to hide your fat while you work on yourself.

Kimono Tops and Dresses

Kimono outfits are back and we can as well use them to our advantage.

I hope these tips help. Is there any other way you hide your tommy fat? Let's know. Have an awesome Style Thursday. Enjoy.

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