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by - Tuesday, October 13, 2015


I met a web programmer some years ago and he complained about how knowing codes isn't enough to succeed. He told me he has issues with organization and that it is a big thumbs down for his work. I didn't understand that would be much of an issue until I started serious blogging.
While I was busy creating content, I checked some other very busy blogs. Some have everything splayed everywhere; there is no central focus whatsoever and I thought that if I as a blog reader am finding it difficult to read a friend's blog, how much more a lay reader. We know that it is said that it is best to focus on just one niche of blogging so as to have a sense of direction. It is true in a way but I don't see how that applies to lifestyle blogging because some of us just pick areas we are comfortable at randomly and write on them.

 A stay-at-home mom and lifestyle blogger will blog about things that pertain to her work at home, kids, parenting etc. So, you see that focusing on just one aspect does not work in lifestyle blogging. However, content organization is key. That is the trick here because even food bloggers want to categorize their cuisines and recipes to make it easy for their readers to navigate. A blogger who blogs about blogging has different areas to talk about: blog marketing, monetization, successful blog writing etc. A tech blogger may want to categorize into: computers, mobile, gadgets, Internet etc. Mobile device blogging is a specific type of blogging but I tell you, categorizing is needed for organization. Say: mobile tablets, Androids, Blackberry, Windows Phones etc.

You get the drift?

Okay, so, let's see, how can we make your blog look organized and mature. We don't want blog readers getting discouraged too soon. We also want them to be able to see clearly choices they can pick from and enjoy browsing through their own areas of interest.

Create Labels

Like I did on my own blog, I have the 'label' widget at the far right of my blog. It is headed, 'my blog posts in categories'. Faith, Rants, Relationships, Style, Monday Motivation, Blogging, Guest Posts, Fiction etc.

Before I publish a post, I categorize by adding a label to it. It automatically adds up to the list of articles under the label. I installed this widget after I had so many articles already and so I had to go back to my old blog posts to categorize so that they could fall under the labels.

Have Static Pages

Also, I have static pages on my Blog. It displays all posts under the label associated with that page. Next week, I will put you through a simple tutorial on how to create static pages on your blogger blog.

You can put just four to five of your labels in your page header. Choose those categories you blog about the most or those categories you want your blog to be focused on the most.

Consider blog layout

Would your blog look organized in a layout of three columns? Two? The number of widgets you have on your blogger blog will determine that. This is a subtle call not to have too many widgets. Too many advertisements on blogs can make the whole outlook clumsy. This is where wisdom should be appropriated because if you don't watch it, the original focus of the blog may be diluted with too many side attractions everywhere. So, to stay organized, consider the best blog layout. I suggest a column of two like mine. Go for three if you have more than twelve widgets.

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