Defining your waist: why and how

by - Thursday, October 01, 2015

Defining your waist

Hello lovelies. How is the Independence day celebration going? I trust that you are flexing. Wetin holiday nor fit do na? Anyhow anyhow remember me o; if sontin show face, mbok, remember me.

So, today is our style Thursday and we want to learn about waist defining. This is another simple technique to looking stylish

Why should you define your waist?

Defining your waist gives you a more feminine look. For those who have defined waists e.g the hour glass shaped, accentuating it is the key. You will agree with me that having a defined waist or creating an illusion of one gives you some sort of feminine confidence. It gives you an good look overall.

How to define your waist

The trick here is to make the waist appear smaller than the bust and hip circumferences. Note that wearing well fitted bras has a role to play in accentuating the waist (and giving your clothes more fitting) so it is advisable to go for bras of correct sizes. You can ask an experienced wardrobe stylist to go shopping with you since we don't buy bras everyday.

1. Wrap dresses are perfect waist definers


2. Use of under-bust cuts/ waist bands

Toke Makinwa

3. Use of belts of all sorts


4. Leave it to the peplums

How have you defined your waist in the past?

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