Is he a lucky man?

by - Friday, October 02, 2015


So, who is the lucky man?

Familiar with that question? I bet you are.

My social media followers already know how much I love Alakada( A nollywood movie). I have watched that movie a thousand times. If anyone hasn't watched the movie I will just narrate the scene I want to magnify for the purpose of this blog.

Yetunde Animashaun is the wealthy wannabe who lives a very fake life. Even her boyfriend is not exempted from the list of those she lies to. Why the guy still goes on ahead to continue dating her battles me. I mean, he is not oblivious of her deceit, pranks and lies. One day, she makes a public show of disgrace in front of his friends while he uses the kitchen. He gets annoyed, walks her to the gate and breaks up with her on the spot. The hilarious moment comes when she asks him to call her in case he changes his mind so that another lucky guy won't come for her. Funny enough, the next 'lucky' guy outside the gate is a kidnapper who beats the hell out of her to make her siphon money from her father who she feigns is the campaign manager of Barack Obama. lol.

'Please call me in case you change your mind so that another lucky guy won't come for me.' Question is - was the present guy a lucky guy in the first place? Is the man in your life a lucky man? The answer to this question has nothing to do with the man and everything to do with my female blog readers in a relationship.

How worthy are you to have people call your man a lucky man? What do you do to stand so out? Are you adding to his life? Are you motivating him to achieve his dreams? Is your relationship with him making him a better person? Has he ever had cause to shudder at the thought of loosing you because of his carelessness? Do people see and respect him partly because he is associated with you? Are you yourself on top of your game where you are? Are you a lover of excellence?

If you have NOs to all or too many of these questions, it will be proper for me to ask you again if you think that he is a lucky man. A lucky man is someone who is with a woman that is far above mediocrity; a woman that will go out of her way (if need be) to see that her man is respected at the city gate; a woman who has the motivation to excel at her point of duty and see other woman too excel; a woman who is beautiful inside and out.

If at this point of reading this article, you feel an uncomfortable churn in your belly when you want to assume that your man is lucky, there is work to be done and firstly, on yourself. Begin to strive for the woman you should be. Yearn for excellence. Lift yourself up, let your work lift other people around you up and because you are used to lifting everything that comes your way up, your man himself will be lifted up.

So, settle down (wherever you are) and ask yourself - is my man truly lucky to have me in his life? If you don't find peace in saying Yes, then, it's time for you to get to work, mostly on yourself.

Have a fabulous Friday. How was the celebration yesterday? Weekend starts today so am'ma tell you to enjoy the groove. Keep soaring. Bye.

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