Love: The Foundation

by - Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Me can pout for Africa eh
Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeey dohrlings. What’s pumping? Oooooooomo! Today is Wednesday niyen o. Chai chai chai, this week is running again. Just running like a runner, like a … wo, let me do jhoooor. See my head. My week has been busy oooooo. For my regular blog readers, they know where I am going. *smiles* I missed talking to you yesterday because I had an exam. 

Lemme even gist you small. Ewo, see dia eyes, ah! Eyin peoples yi sha. Hehehehe…

Okay, so, it was on Advanced Natural Products o. I was seriously scared, very very ni o, very very scared because even though I tried my best to prepare, I still felt inadequate. A lot of structures to commit to memory and thing iiiiiiiiiis, you see this geh that likes to blog eh, she has issues with remembering dates, names, structures and stuff. I was so apprehensive that I almost decided to not show up (It was an elective). Well, things turned around and I showed up, sat in the examination hall, asked the Lord to help me and received my question paper.

I opened the questions to discover on that spot that I would never ever, ever ever ever forgive myself if I didn’t show up beeeeecause hmmmmmmn, the type of questions that had to do with committing structures to memory were just so few. The lecturer did well to test our proper understanding of the course instead.  LOL, I just shared a testimony with you fa. Halleluyah!

Okay, soooooooo, there was this 99 paged book I got from a friend last two weeks. You see that it is not bulky at all and that you can finish it in a day. I take time to read books because I am thorough and so it took me three days thereabout to finish. Title is- “Building a Successful Home” by Nike Adeyemi. Nike Adeyemi is Sam Adeyemi’s wife. (Some of you might know him). I was actually drawn to the book cover and that’s why I began to read while I still had one I was currently devouring. Omo, packaging is the real deal o. If I will ever publish a book, the packaging must be tight jare. Anyway, I decided to type out an excerpt from the book; the area that spoke right into my heart the most. It is a short and powerful book so somewhere else might hit the spot for you. 


Love is an action word. Let us love in deed and not only in words. Husband and wife need to walk in love because even when they offend one another, they will be able to overlook such weaknesses and forgive. The love of God has been poured out in our hearts by the Holy Spirit (Romans 5:5). Therefore, we have the ability to love. We should also learn to show affection. This is the kind of love described as (phileo). This expresses companionship and it is needed in every marriage and family that would be healthy. Showing affection is a sign of bonding which is necessary for intimacy between husband and wife, between parents and children and between children themselves. Learn to hug and touch one another.

Psychologists have discovered for example that a woman needs about 8 (eight) meaningful touches per day. Husbands should not leave touching to only when they want to have sex. Put your arms of assurance around her. It is good to touch and hug your children especially the ones which are of the opposite sex. A daughter who has such an affectionate relationship with her father is not easily swept off her feet when a man comes to “toast her” because she is used to being shown love by her father who is of the opposite sex. Many girls have been starved of this affection that they fall for any man. The same goes for mother and son. Be very close to your children especially as they grow into adolescence.

Proverbs 31, right from the first verse to the end is about a mother’s advice, teaching her son about how to know and find a virtuous woman. When you are close to your children, as they grow up they won’t hide things from you because good communication has been established. Through this, you are able to build them up the more. You can detect he direction in which they are going per time and help them through prayer and teaching. Never allow communication lines to be closed between you and them and also between you and your spouse. Love is the foundation. It involves giving of oneself and the reward is a successful home.

There are various languages of love. Each spouse has ways by which he or she wants to be loved. For example, we know that there are basic differences between man and woman. Each woman still differs from another; likewise each man differs from another man. The challenge therefore is to know your spouse and give him or her what he or she appreciates. It is no use going through a lot of trouble to please your spouse only to discover that it did not mean much to him or her

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