by - Monday, October 12, 2015

Guest Writer: Ariyo Abayomi

Read: Acts 20:8-12


We read the story of a young person...called Eutychus. At a particular time, such as even these times that we live in, when there is a lot of Light, we find a young person sleeping. The first challenge, was not even the slumber was that nobody else knew about it.

In a time, when there is a lot of knowledge about God, a lot of church meetings, a lot of a lot of things that should spiritually help us, some are still sleeping and nobody knows about it. The KJV or NKJV said something like...he was sinking into the sleep. It meant that the whole thing lasted for quite sometime, he didn't immediately fall asleep. It was a gradual thing. Our sleeping might have started a long time ago, but since it wasn't a falling, we didn't even immediately recognise the problem.

He (Eutychus), was sitted in the window. Problem our christian walk, there is no window sitting nor fence sitting, we must always be on the Lord's side. Any other position and we fall...back into the world system. Thank God on that day, there was power to raise him from the dead when he crash landed. Even today, there is power to raise anyone, who has fallen on the side, or perhaps, you are falling asleep, you are slipping into sleep, your walk withe God is becoming labored, your devotion to God is Slipping, perhaps you are still awake, but sitting on the fence, one leg in church, the other leg in the world.

Might you just take time to talk to God. The hand of God is available to help as many that ask for it. Present your situation to God, trusting him for help.

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