The Burning Bush Experience

by - Monday, October 05, 2015

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A lot of Christians have searched and searched on how to hear from God. Books, audio tapes and sermons that are related to this topic are purchased the most. There is an insatiable hunger to listen to God directly. Many of us want to know his thoughts about us and his will for our lives.

It is important to note that some of us will never hear an audible voice till we sleep in Christ. Of course, people have had the privilege to hear God's voice ( Gen. 3:8; Heb 3:7; Deut 4:12) but not all of us will have the burning bush experience. Not all of us will see live visions and fall into trances in order to know God's mind.

The burning bush experience is an awesome one. It allows the Christian in particular a high degree certainty of whatever message he hears. Who wouldn't want the Almighty God to speak to him directly from a burning bush? Moses was privileged to but he was in a different dispensation. (Exodus 3). He lived in a time where experience with God was more dramatic than ours. Now, we have God living in us. He possesses our being. Isn't that more awesome?

He has given us an intellect to use. Our minds fill up with his thoughts if we allow him. 1 Cor 2:16. Hearing from him doesn't necessary have anything to do with standing before a tree anymore. We are free to follow His leading in our hearts. So, dear people, don't await the burning bush experience unending and walk in God's step by step leading today. Psalm 119:113

So, how are you doing today? I hope you had a lovely weekend. It's another Monday and I want you to start this new week with positivity and optimism. God loves you and he wants you to know that aaaaaand that is exactly why I am telling you.

Have a fabulous time the rest of today. Love you. Xoxo...

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