Tulle Skirts: Freedom

by - Thursday, October 08, 2015

Tulle skirt
Hello my people, my lovelies, my pumpkins, my ...Lawd! I have nothing else. Argggggrrrrrrrh. Can you just imagine? Can you...? Well there's Google, my favorite search engine. I will open my web browser and type in the Google search box, 'fabulous names to call your blog readers so that their heads can swell so much that they can't help but come back to your blog to read and...'
Space has finished. I swear, I wanted to finish up but space iyaf finish. How is you people this Thursday? It is another style Thursday on my blog and toooooooooooday, we want to see how we can rock this particular type of skirt that can make us twirl guiltlessly.


I am tired of pencil skirts. They are so fitting and body complimenting that I wore them until I was tired. It is just the same way I begin to rotate through three or four outfits for weeks and my sister just begs me to go into my wardrobe to pick clothes that are crying for my attention. Anyway, we finally found this type of skirt that has been trending since late last year. Don't mind me, old school me is just reporting a trend that has stayed for long. I am actually very more concerned with comfort than trends and that's why I rocked Caribbean skirts till my friends begged me to repent. I gave them out save for one.

So, Tulles.

-They are free

Tulle skirt


Tulle skirt

-And chic

Tulle skirt

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