Wrong Opinions

by - Thursday, October 08, 2015

Hello pumpkins. How are you doing this Thursday? It's raining here and I feel awesome about it. Really awesome about it. How is your week going? It's almost weekend and yeah, I am excited. I couldn't make a post yesterday; sorry about that. I promise to make it up to you. But first, let's talk opinions.

You have at some point in your life had wrong opinions about some people. Few of them had the chance to correct those opinions. These incorrect opinions, whether you admit or not, influenced your interpersonal relationship with them. You assumed things about them, you already looked for reasons why they acted in a way, you predicted them even before they acted based on your presumptions. This process is more subconscious than deliberate. It is mostly non-intentional. It was however unfair.

It was/is unfair to assume that the reason why newly wedded Bimpe came late to class was because she had sexual intercourse with her sweetheart the night before. What if you got to find out that Bimpe's husband wasn't even with her that night and that he had a fatal accident and that Bimpe overslept at the hospital by his bed? You already painted the picture of a lady who would become slack in discharging her duties because she just got married.

I am getting somewhere with this.

You cannot control people's thoughts and opinions about you. They could not control those negative thoughts you had about them. If they had the chance, they would have. I am of the strong opinion, however, that trying to make everyone you ever meet see you in good light is a waste of time.

So, do your thing, play your part and forget opinions.

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