Here's how to win your boss over

by - Monday, November 23, 2015

Hello lovelies. A very good morning to you. How is work day I moving? What about the weekend? Mine is moving fabulously well but my weekend was a mess. I went through a lot; a big lot. They say what doesn't kill you makes you stronger right? I think it very true because I am stronger and better and ready. 

By the way, I resumed my morning jogging yesterday. This time around I have jogging mates; it's a lot easier. I feel energetic, motivated and healthy. You know that feeling you have when you assume that you are the fittest on the surface of the earth because you achieved your exercise goals? That's how I feel.

 It's another Monday again. Beautiful, don't you think? It is beautiful. Let's get the work groove rolling again, it's time to shine baby. But first, I have something for you. It's something that will make you formidable at work.

Imagine that your boss is pleased with you. Now, that's formidable. Let's see how to get you there.

Be good at your job

Nothing beats excellence, nothing. Be the first person anybody at your work place turns to in your niche. People want value, in fact, to stay satisfied, they need value and if you can provide this unbeatable quality, your boss is impressed. You may not know but a satisfied customer is a satisfied boss.

Forget eye service

It's a waste of time and conscience, forget it. While everybody is looking for ways to play politics, let your good job speak for you. In the long run, you win. Trying to win your boss over by pretending to be who you are not and do what you'd not do in his absence will make you lose integrity. People are watching; your boss is watching.

Become Indispensable

Do you know how to become indispensable? Be more than you were employed to be. Some of us are afraid of some boss overusing us and taking advantage of our dedication. It's normal to be careful here, I get, but here's the thing - take that chance. This isn't doing more than you are supposed to be doing; it is being more, there is a difference. Be the dedicated, committed employee who wants the best for the establishment. Being that alone will help your productivity.

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