How to declutter your closet

by - Monday, November 16, 2015

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Good morning everyone. Good morning ladies. This one's for you; for us, so, how are you doing today? I hope the weekend moved on as planned. Well, mine was just perfect. I got to do some little stuff as regards my project. Do you guys remember 'prenylated flavonoids'? What I am synthesizing and characterizing? Oh yeah, it is becoming interesting by the day. I will take some time out to explain the scope and relevance of my research work. This is if you are interested. You can always skip and move on if you aren't. You might not know that without Chemists, the Doctors would experience much friction and that's why I am telling you that now. Ahahahahahaha...*winks*

Over the weekend, some things in my life changed. I got a mail from an organization's representative. The mail gave me the necessary spur on to do some research and as a result I got to learn about women in STEM (STEM means Science Technology Engineering Mathematics) . I am particularly interested in 'women in science'. I will also see what I can do about icing this cake with some science. You know, just a small category somewhere on my blog. 

(I promised to reduce the use of local languages here but you must bear with me for now as this article was composed a long time ago. Thanks for understanding that)

So, let's talk wardrobe things. *Sits up* First of all, what is the meaning of 'declutter'? To declutter is to tidy up; to clean up a disorganized, disordered jumble of things.

These are signs that you need to declutter your closet:

-You can't seem to find a wardrobe piece quickly. Na so so find find you dey find your tank top. On top wetin? That wardrobe is too disorganized abeg.

-Each time you open your wardrobe, you hiss. Ahahahahahahahhaaaa...Shey you remember all those times you complained of not having enough clothes (no lady can have enough clothes tho'), now you think you have so many. What if that's really not the case? What if they are just jam packed? What if?

-You accidentally spotted a skirt you bought a long time ago. Can you imagine? you don't even know the clothes you have and those you don't have abi? God dey look you o, iyea.

-You have so many clothes but you are frequently at a loss of ideas on what to wear. Ehn, that happens to many people but when you always have to complain about how to mix and match, then, it is time to declutter. Scatter scatter dey worry your life niyen ke.

Why you need to declutter:

-All stylish women do. It's okay if you don't want to be stylish, sha clean up your mess babe and don't be lazy. You are classier when your things are looking fabulous in your close. You feel me?

-Organization reduces dressing time. 
All those time wasting staring at a bunch of clothes is just totally unreasonable. You should be able to dress up in 10 minutes when called impromptu.

-You are able to mix and match effectively. Oh yes! You can finally see what you can pair your dark brown top with.

How to declutter your closet:

-Pull out every single item in your closet, your bed is about to do a great job.

-Separate clothes this way

*Frequently worn
*Less frequently worn
*Hate wearing
*Never worn

- Keep frequent and less-frequent pieces on the bed, the others in a separate place. We will decide on them later.

-Fold and hang the ones on the bed neatly in your wardrobe. Arrange the shoes on the shoe rack.

-Make sure that the frequently worn pieces are within reach easily.

-Get an undergarment bag. Don't worry; you don't have to order for one. You could convert a beautiful shopping bag into one. 

-Move on to the 'never worn' and 'hate wearing' pieces. Decide on the 'never worn' pieces. You could donate or revamp them. Don't keep junks in your wardrobe, if you are not going to wear them now, you won't.

- Discard the 'hate wearing' pieces. No, you are not keeping them.

Can you see that it is simple? And you finally have peace of mind. So don't be lazy o, oya start sontin kiakia.

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