Introducing: Computer Science Education Week

by - Friday, November 20, 2015

Hello people, what's pumping? How has the week been? I hope you've had a nice time so far. I have been trying to take in the harmattan because Ilorin is just that city that likes to rush into cold, dry winds. The smell of the air reminds me of the end of the year celebrations- Christmas in particular. Am I not just excited already, are you?

Okay, pumpkins, I want to introduce something that may sound somewhat novel to you. It sounded new to me days ago but I am getting around it and I must tell you that it's a pretty cool idea. Trust me on this one. Any female scientist in the house? Okay, this is going to be for you and all your friends.( Hey, Michael Ikechi, I hope you get to read this post, else, I might have to shove this in your face. )

First, go through this infographic.

"Women make up only 28% of the world's scientific researchers and are equally represented in research fields in only one in five countries of the world. Misha Malyshev, CEO of Teza Technologies works with nonprofits to reduce this discrepancy with events like Girls Do Hack, a one day event on November 14th that helped prepare young girls for careers in STEM. Computer Science Education Week takes place December 7th-13th and is an opportunity to reverse the trend and inspire students to consider STEM careers."

Molly, director of special projects at Teza Technologies sent me a mail some days ago. I was motivated to go check out STEM and what it means. STEM (Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics) is the way forward in this generation of non-chalant schoolery. I am now bringing this cool idea to you my blog readers. It's particularly interesting to know that women can take up careers in STEM and do very well.

Anybody who is interested in joining the broader conversation about Computer Science Education Week/STEM Education can check out the website and follow the conversation on Twitter. There's lots of great events like Hour of Code that people from all over the world are taking part in leading up to the week.

Help create awareness of this event and spread the word by using the sharing buttons below. I would also be glad to hear your responses as regards this. So, sweethearts, keep the science groove alive. Chao, xoxo...

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