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by - Friday, November 27, 2015

Hello sweeties, a very lovely morning to you. How was your night? How has the week been? Mine has been awesome and splendid. I had an exam on Tuesday and it was not all good but hey, I won't mope over a drop of milk that spilled from the whole milk pack. Life isn't supposed to be rosy anyway. The way we handle the not-so rosy part is the most important. 

And it's black Friday. This is the time to shop and shop and shop till you can shop no more. I know of some friends that have waited for this day to come. Have a fabulous time shopping and rolling away the cart. 

How careful can you be? Look left...look right and look left again before crossing the road. Make sure the passengers of a public transport are not all men if you are a woman about to board it. Examine your breasts regularly to detect lumps early enough. Never walk on soil barefooted. not place or receive a call when the battery is low. What more rule? Okay, I remember...Don't let people's body fluids touch you to avoid contacting ebola or any other related disease if they have. 

Now, listen. All these rules are good in themselves. They are neither bad nor misleading. It's okay to be careful but how careful? Next, somebody tells you that the oranges you have been plucking from a particular tree have have been infected somewhat and you might need some medical check up. 

What! You scream. 

Exactly my point. Never be bounded by rules, especially virtual ones... Those ones you are not sure even exist. You should not get to a point where you can't even touch a food item at the food store because you are scared of dying instantly. God owns your life. He won't decide to take it away because you are ignorant of some set of rules. 

So, dear, calm down. Live life and be free.

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