Rape: the stuff we don't say

by - Monday, November 30, 2015

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A friend of mine was raped some months ago. Narrating the ordeal made me resent everything male. She recounted how the rapist after physically battering her had someone else to pin her down and pulled out a condom. He wore a condom! This rapist left home with the hope of forcefully having sexual intercourse with any girl he was sure of subduing.

Point 1- It was intentional

I listened to a broadcast on the radio and the governor of a Nigerian state was in the studio to attend to people’s questions. The subject of rape was raised and questions were asked about how he intended to tackle this problem. He answered by saying that they are working on reducing the  usage of hard, illicit drugs in the state. He claimed that drug abuse is the major factor and that if they, as a state can succeed in curbing this; the rate of rape will be drastically reduced.

Point 2- I beg to strongly disagree, Mr. Governor. Even if drug abuse is a factor; it is not the major factor.

We are not supposed to be talking about that, we are supposed to be talking about implementing laws that were made to bring rapists to book. We are supposed to be sensitizing parents on how to train their boys alongside their girls. We are supposed to be helping the populace understand how much pain the rape victims go through physically and emotionally.

Has anybody ever stopped to wonder why some rape victims, especially, virgins die after a rape episode? Oh, it is one of the explicit, raw stuff we do not want to elaborate? Most of the time more than one man forces his way into the girl. The second man in line sees a ruptured hymen oozing blood and the pain the victim is in and still goes on ahead to be pleasured.

Point 3- No rapist has the right to be called human. Every rapist is a lower animal.

Joy Isi Bewaji recounted the experience of how she was watching a program and the boys present began to mock each of the rape victim in the story highlighted. An actual person called one of the rape victims a ‘learner’.  A friend of a Facebook friend, one Collins, said and I quote "U are taking dis rape tin so personal, so i want to put this question across to u...*my friend's name* have u been raped before or found urself in a near rape experience? What does this tell you, people.

Point 4- There are still some people who do not understand the severity of this crime.

Isn't everyone supposed to take this personal? Until we escalate the damage this evil has done and is still doing to girls, we may be wasting our time. Evil people will always be in our midst, no doubt, but I think that the society has a role to play in making them appear that evil. That boy who uttered that statement about a rape victim being a ‘learner’ has either raped a girl or doesn’t see anything really serious about rape. If allowed the opportunity, he will rape the next girl. They say that only 18 rape cases in Nigeria have been properly dealt with. How does this sound? Ridiculous!

Point 5- Nigeria is a breeding ground for rape.

What are we doing? There should be a way forward. I have begun to talk about it, on Facebook and Twitter. You too should do something, you should talk about it. You should see a need to raise an alarm and escalate this issue because if we are to ask every woman who has ever been raped or been in a near rape situation to step out, we would all be shocked! Your sister/daughter/ mother/ female cousin/ female colleague might be one of them.

Shun rape.

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