The Folly in Isolation

by - Wednesday, November 18, 2015

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Y'all remember that I told you that I am currently studying the book of Judges. This book is an influence to women especially. I plan to review the stories of some of the women, probably two or three of them, including the seemingly silent ones. 

This morning, in Judges 18, I am able to once again establish the disadvantage of isolation. Read Judges 18:7; 27-28. 

The inhabitants of a town called Laish, lived peacefully and quietly. They had no trouble with anyone but may I point their folly to you? Isolation. When I moved in to my compound, the first thing I established was a good relationship with my compound mates. It took weeks like it should normally take. I am not the bugging bugger. I guess you know them. Always at your door, knocking every second, asking for what you cooked etc. My mum's best book of the Bible is the book of Proverbs. She would typically walk in on our sleep to read a verse a day to us; very annoying, if you know what I mean. We all dreaded that moment where we had to be brought to the holiest of holies when sleep was sweetest. Argggggggggrrrrrrrrrrh...Foolish me. Today, these things have stuck and one of her favorite verses Prov 25:17 has helped me in my dealings with my neighbours and friends. 

I want us to be able to strike a balance here. Even though seldomly setting your foot at your neighbour's house is an admonition in Prov 25:17, avoiding your neighbours completely is pure folly. Don't do that. 

You need support; you need people. Whoever told you that you don't need them because you are probable living in a self contained apartment lied to you. It's easy to live in a self contained room for a whole year without an hello towards your neighbours but it's a bad idea.

A compound mate needed someone to video one of our cover versions of some selected songs and he had to ask me to do the job. 'Why not you?', I asked. I mean, I was in his room. 'Oh, I don't rap with all these people jare', was his reply. A full grown man doesn't even say an 'hi' to his neighbours. Yes, he told me that. No, they had no quarrels or disagreement, he just didn't talk to them. 

Reading about Laish today is a reminder that you need people ; you need support. That town was destroyed, all the inhabitants were killed despite the fact that they lived peacefully and quietly. "There was no one to save them, because Laish was a long way from Sidon, and they had no dealings with any other people". I was moved to pity.

Learn how to stop forming today!

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  1. I think it's true. If I may look at this from the point of having a help around but staying in isolation, I think it helps me also rethink, but shyness could be my own bane in relating with others. Nice writing though...

    1. I am happy you find this content relatable.

      Thank you