While waiting, live

by - Monday, November 02, 2015

What's up people? How are you doing this new day, new week, new month? Weekend nko? Anything for me? I think it's time to start asking you guys what you kept for me. So, what did you reserve for this world's most famous blogger (no joke, dey look)? My weekends these days are dry and I am only hoping it gets better because e taya peson.

Did any of you get married on Saturday? Just asking ni o, just asking because with the number of weddings holding these past few months, I won't be surprised if any of my pumpkins was part of the train o. Ehn, if you didn't do wedding, flower geh nko? Most of you are obviously too big for little brides and ring bearers , at least flower girls will do. So, anybori????? They say it is bridesmaids and groomsmen. Wo, whatever, which wan you sha do???? Me ayam itching to hear any interesting weekend updati ooooo. Okay na, let's talk today's own biko. It is about quality living while being expectant of the next stage and maybe, good bombs.

There is always this next thing to do. It keeps bugging our minds, infiltrates our person and hijacks our freedom. While moving from one phase to the other, we get absorbed in the process that we forget to breathe. We are choked and unreasonably encapsulated. It isn’t abnormal to be in this position, in fact, it is characteristic of waiting and/or transitioning to the next stage.

This is it- you need to make a conscious effort to live well. Wake up like every other person and enjoy the day. Trim your nails, dude. You have neglected yourself for too long. Cook and clean. Prepare that meal you’ve always wanted to prepare when you get the chance to. Now that you are in this waiting period, it is the chance. Instead of worrying and fretting about what’s going to happen next, snap out and light up the cooking gas. Don’t be put under pressure or should I ask that you don’t pressurize yourself. Don’t give in to the temptation to mope around and be pessimistic.

Methuselah lived for 969 years. How’s that for a long time? Yeeeeeeah, very long time. The longest a human would want to live now is probably 97 years or say 100 years. That is a short time to live, I tell you. Question is- why waste it? Life is too short to be constantly constant chasing after something. Sometimes  we think that we won’t be happy until we purchase that new car and so we exhaust ourselves, work our asses off and well, fortunately get it. Next, we are waiting to get a new house.  So, we worry and do all sorts of things to get there. Ya wasting away babe. Aren't you ever going to go see friends? Aren't you ever going to the movies? What about the outing you promised your kids? If you drop dead now (God forbid), nna, life will continue. Don't get me wrong, have goals and be focused but point be say, while working towards them and waiting for the next stage, enjoy living; cultivate quality living.

While waiting for the admission list, live. While expecting your Post Utme result, continue to attend your tailoring classes; live. While waiting for the next job interview, baby sit heartily; live. While waiting to receive that congratulatory call, take that job and lighten up; live.

P.S- Because of school work (project especially, I no know who send me go dey do masters sef), I will be rescheduling my postings and blogging frequency from five days a week to three. What I am saying invariably is that I will now be making blog entries on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. Bonus blogging may pop up once in a while tho'. Thank you for reading my blog. I love y'all.

P.P.S- Happy new month. Welcome to November.

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