Having a party? Avoid these three mistakes.

by - Monday, December 21, 2015

Well well well, it's that time of the year again. End of the year parties, get-together s, reunions, dinners and a whole lot of celebrations. Oh, wait, did I just forget to mention Christmas? Wohoooooo, that's very unforgivable. It's indeed going to be celebration galore again. For those of you celebrating your birthdays and/or weddings or wedding anniversaries, you will agree with me that this is the choking time. This article is a relief offer to a blissful party planning.

You will also agree with me that the women are the ones with the most responsibility. We are the concerned and overly worried folks. If everything or anything in the least went wrong, we put the blame on ourselves by ourselves. Not to worry about those tendencies of yours, that is how you are wired, and me too. But I was wondering, how do we take away the stress and the worry and avoid the disappointments and the common mistakes? Who says we can't have an almost perfect party? So, here, avoid these three mistakes.

-No Back Up Plan
You see, having no 'Plan B' isn't the way to be optimistic. A little wisdom here and there is all we need to pull through contingencies. We have all probably at some points in our lives had situations where a mapped out plan failed. We cannot always have control over every damn thing. I wish as much as you do that we had, but we don't and that's why you should have alternatives where possible. This means that there is going to be a standby generator for that event even if the area where your party will be hosted has stable electricity supply. And, yeah, the nearest place to get iced blocks if something really awful goes wrong with the refrigerator or the Power Holding Company of your country decides to be mad at you (for no reason, mostly). Listening to the weather forecast isn't enough, make sure good tents are at quick disposal.

- No relationship with employed service vendors
Most of us have probably heard of jokes about a caterer completely forgetting somebody's event. There is a big chance that this joke stemmed from an actual event. If we are going to be in charge of a flawless party, we must understand that it isn't just about the money paid, follow up is important. You should not take chances; these vendors can be very good at disappointing. They will only put the blame on a tight schedule and that isn't going to solve problems at the end of the day, is it? No, it is not. So, here's a good advice- remind the MC, place a call through to the caterer and keep calling the tent providers. Oh, don't forget your tailors, yeah yeah. I know you have been disappointed once or twice. Exactly! That makes two of us.

-Not dividing labour
Aha! You need to watch out on this one, you need to. There is this inner voice that keeps telling us that we can handle it and that we can pull through the pressure, take the heat and over-stress without looking over-stressed. You want to hear the truth? That's a big lie from the pit of deceit. Things do not work out that way and this is why you need to learn to delegate duties. Asking someone else to be in charge of monitoring that the vendors deliver their services promptly and perfectly is a way of getting one more thing off your shoulder. It might look like something you can handle but I tell you that whenever you remember (maybe just as about the time you are planning to retire to bed) that you need to put a call through to the caterer, you begin to feel stressed. Better option- make some freer somebody responsible.

Have a stress free party planning. May your events be blissful and your celebrations be merry. Enjoy, people. Enjoy.

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  1. Yeah! True...I have seen a case where at a wealthy man's party, the person who came with the cooling van loaded the van with all the assorted drinks and forgot to switch the damn thing on. That reminds me that money alone doesn't make a successful party. Proper organization & attention to details also matter.