Remember Jesus Christ

by - Friday, December 25, 2015

Jesus Christ 

He is the reason why there is Christmas. Hey hey, there is actually no shame in admitting that you have to constantly remind yourself of the reason for this celebration. I was on my Instagram time line this morning and well, I didn't log off too happy. It is about deals, promos, wishes and a whole lot of stuff that have very little to do with the big fact that we are setting this day aside to remember Jesus Christ who was born to save the world. 

Of course, the Christmas chicken is on my mind too. I am glad that the meals at home will be special this day. I really am. I shouldn't do this, but I am somewhat persuaded to. I want to remind you of the second coming of the Lord Jesus Christ. He is still coming back and the sooner we get ourselves prepared not to be left behind, the better. I can only imagine if Jesus Christ comes back today, today that we celebrate his birth. We have neglected the real reason people. We are too concerned about flaunting riches, showing off and feeding our bodies. 

Falling sick or having serious bloating after today because of the overeating doesn't make any single sense to me. It won't make any sense to Jesus Christ either. I know that some of you are planning to party till dawn tonight. It's fine but I think that while celebrating and being in the celebratory mood, we need to do this one thing- REMEMBER JESUS CHRIST. 

I know, I know. You should be pissed at me this morning but I want to tell you that this article isn't meant to kill joy. No. It's only that the nitty-gritty usually kills joy.  

Merry Christmas to every single blog reader, follower and subscriber. I want to wish you a lovely day. I hope that you get to send me my own gifts; I don't mind e-gifts. 

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