16 Blog post ideas for 2016

by - Monday, January 04, 2016

Just like some other blogging niches, lifestyle blogging involves a lot of originality and fresh ideas. I begin some months with fabulous plans for my blog but later realize that I am becoming boring. Sometimes I lose all the enthusiasm. I organize pity parties on some other occasions. I whine and complain about how relatively easier entertainment blogging is, but is it?

Entertainment bloggers  need to look for new; fresh, blazing hot news. They work hard to upload content and that is more than once; five to forty times a day, depending on how hardworking the blogger is.

I have decided to compile a list of blog ideas for this year. Reading through might spark up new ideas and provoke your creativity. It’s about what you can do with the information at hand.

1. Make a post about an unknown fact

People like discoveries, you and I do too. Expositions are a great way to make first time readers come back for more on your blog. It is an indication that you would go the extra mile to produce quality. To back up an unknown fact, you should to do a little research.

2. Write a review about something
This can be a book, a movie, a restaurant or a product. Doing this can build some trust in your readers. Be careful to be honest. It doesn’t have to be a sponsored review. Writing a review might also attract potential advertisers to your site.

3. Make a list
Lists are awesome. This post, for example is a list. People do not like to read long posts anymore these days and that is why breaking it down and numbering it is a good idea. Create a list of things you would love to achieve before the year is over; a list of favorite movies, a list of books you would love to recommend to your readers.

4. Publish a video post
This can be tricky as quality is very important, People are naturally pissed off when videos don’t have quality. Except you are a very engaging person, don’t present to your readers something less.

5. Compose a ‘thank you’ post
Have you ever thought of appreciating your blog followers? It is a way of making them feel among and loved.

6. Start a blog series
This is an excellent way of producing content. A series of more than one article will keep your readers engaged and expectant. I do that with the fiction in here.

7. Share a collection of links 
I learned this from Berry Dakara’s blog. I hope to start doing it this new year; probably once or twice a month. Make a collection of interesting websites and blogs you read during the week or month and let your readers gain from them.

8. Write a post about your most popular posts
Blog about what posts that brought more traffic to your blog. Let your readers see how other readers respond to some of your topics.

9. Write about a celebrity
Take the very bold step to criticize a celebrity. Be factual instead of emotional; be objective instead of sentimental. Make sure that you have enough information about what you want to share.

10. Share your favorite food recipe
Is there a food you love and would like to share its preparation with your readers? Give it a try; you will be surprised at how much of feedback you may receive,

11. Summarize a book or lessons in a seminar
You might also make a summary of lessons you learned in a conference or seminar. You might summarize a book or lessons you picked up from it.

12. Tell your readers about interesting accounts to follow
A great way to inform your readers and add to them positively is letting them know about Instagram accounts you find fascinating, Facebook users you think are interesting and Twitter accounts that can benefit them.

13. Publish a picture that speaks volumes
This is also a good idea. It may be a wordless or wordy picture. It may also be an infographic. Infographics are doing very well these days- it summarizes a lot of facts with illustrations.

14. Write a tutorial
Compose a step-by-step method of doing something that you are pretty good at. It might be a skill or something you thoroughly learned from someone/somewhere.

15. Talk about your latest event experience
It could be a day at the movies or a very stressful day. It could be a trip to the zoo or a disappointing shopping experience. It could also be a conference and what you think about it.

16. Create a list of free stuff on the Internet
Who does not like freebies? Well, I do. Reward your readers by creating a list of free apps or games that you have enjoyed.

Any other ideas?  How do you source for post titles? 

Have a fabulous week ahead. It's another Monday. 

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