9 Life skills everybody should have

by - Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Life with its different shades of beauty and surprise is intriguing.  We can choose to learn how to survive it,  endure it or enjoy it.  Thoroughly enjoying life doesn't come that easy.  It is achieved,  deliberately achieved.

In our journey through life,  we need some skills to help us have a smooth ride.  Let's for a moment forget about the classroom and it's four walls and focus on day to day necessary skills we should and must have to be a true liver.

1. Basic etiquette

This differs from culture to culture. It is therefore important to learn  how to be acceptable with a proper sense of courtesy. Proper dining, greeting and respect are important elements of societal acceptance and so we must learn it.  There are very many books and resources on the Internet.

2. House keeping

This is a skill you rarely see in a school curriculum,  yet we need it, all of us. We need to know how to mop the tiles,  tidy the living room,  make our beds,  wash the toilet,  keep the kitchen rack clean and sweep the veranda.

3. Basic sewing

You need not be a professional machine user.  This involves sewing buttons and fixing small tears. In the heat of pressure,  you don't need a tailor, you need your needle and thread.

4. Writing

Many of us keep diaries.  Some of us need to write formal letters every now and then. So you see that writing isn't for writers alone. Spreading accurate information with the ink will be easier if you can learn basic techniques of writing.  These things come in handy.

5. Active Listening

Active listening brings thorough understanding.  If we are quick to listen and slow to speak, relationships will be much easier.  Deliberate listening is a skill worth learning.

6. Cooking

This is for everyone : man,  woman,  elderly,  teenager.  The ability to nourish oneself is an important skill to learn.  You might contact one or two people to teach you the basics at least.  Apart from the fact that cooking from scratch is healthy,  it helps to save your money.

7. Financial budgeting

This is a tough one for carefree spenders. Budgeting your finances will save you from debt and help you save.  It will also help you make wise choices in spending.

8. Negotiation

Y'all know how much money you would lose if you haven't got the power to haggle reasonably in the market.  Negotiation is not limited to buying.  It goes far beyond than that.  We need this skill even in the home; in relating with our family members, bosses,  neighbours.

9. Time management

This is a very essential skill in today's world.  Many successful people made it big by making wise choices as regards managing the time they got. We all have 24 hours in a day.  The difference between  you and your next door neighbour is how you choose to spend those hours.

Is there any other skill that you think is necessary to excel in life? Let me know. Have a fabulous time,  you deserve it.

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  1. Super post, Esther. I enjoyed reading.
    Lord knows I need number 7.