How to have a happy relationship

by - Saturday, January 30, 2016

Happy couple

Truth? Every relationship is unique and by unique I mean every shade of good,  bad and not beautiful.  

More truth? Unlike what you were led to believe,  things like happiness are not always automatic,  you work at achieving them. And yes,  you can have a happy relationship! 

Bitter truth? Every relationship will go through its dry, unhappy phase.  

Some plain,  stark truths taste sour,  others don't.  This does taste sour and it's not my intention to worsen it.  I am writing to give you practical tips to making it work.  Love in itself is a beautiful thing, we as humans might  twist it and make it look ugly but it is mostly unintentional.  

Have you been at a point where you wished you were just as single as you were months/years ago?  Ah ah... You might be hitting the rock already.  The rock is hard and hard isn't funny. 

To stay happy and keep a vibrant relationship you need to decide that no matter what you'll make it work.  Why don't you read the following practical tips? One or more may save you now or later. 

Be completely honest

Many people are saddled with the burden of handling dishonesty.  You might not know but it takes its own toll.  You will decide to be honest and completely transparent. No hanky panky,  no meandering,  no games,  just truth.  When you face unavoidable challenges,  this truth will set you free.  Couples with big problems usually stay happy if they are completely honest with each other.  

Being honest also includes coming out to tell your partner whatever is going on that you don't like.  Tell him if you don't like that a particular female friend of his calls him every now and then.  Other women might  be comfortable with it but if you aren't,  just say it.  That's honesty. 

Don't try to be other women. 

You should never bottle up so many things that you escalate just one more teeny tiny aggravation.  

Keep all communication lines open

Sometimes what you need to be happy is a listening ear.  Yes.  Listening to your partner and properly understanding issues can take a big positive toll on your relationship.  Does it have to do with his family? Talk about it.  What about a major change in your career? Create time to talk about it.  

One other tip - don't talk simultaneously.  When either talks,  the other should listen.  Happy couples are patient with each other. 

Plan to have fun

Decide to watch a movie together.  It doesn't always have to be in a cinema.  You can stay home and watch a movie. Take a walk.  Go friends visiting.  Cook a meal together. Learn a new skill together. It will help you to have a happy relationship. 

Support each other 

One thing that causes serous issues in relationships is the feeling that the other person is selfish. You scratch my back,  I scratch yours- it may look like an office  principle but this works in relationships too. Support his career,  help him build on himself.  Be there when times are not as rosy. Be like your best friend is to you when you feel like crying. 

Be nice 

Just be nice.  Be kind.  When quarrels break out,  be very careful  that you don't become verbally abusive.  There is much more happiness in a relationship if neither of you has to be reminded that an abusive word was used.  Long after an argument is settled,  there is every tendency that events during the argument are remembered.  How nice your partner was during such disagreement may cause him/her to be happy.  

Stay happy with him and have a happy relationship. 

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