How to survive outdoor exercise in harmattan.

by - Monday, January 11, 2016

This is a fairly late post because the harmattan is almost over. It doesn't hurt still to have a fabulous run the remaining days left.  Last moments are the sometimes the best you know. Yeah, right.

Harsh mornings differ from state to state.  I was in Ogun State last week and I must confess that the inhabitants of that state know absolutely little about harmattan.  We can't compare the cold in the Western and Eastern side of Nigeria  with that of Ilorin or Jos or any up North state for that matter.

We however want to keep fit no matter the weather.  I see many people struggle to keep up with the pace.  Some other people sleep off and don't even bother to go for their customary morning jog.  Morning exercise doesn't have to be as difficult if we have some simple tips and methods by which we can beat the weather situation.

Warm up 

Before setting out,  add some more moves to the stretching. After stretching,  jog on the spot.  Set your heart on course. Start the process already and garner some energy.  It should warm you up.

Turn up the music

Music is distracting.  It has a way of filling you up and making you feel like you are on top of the word; more like you own the world.  Prepare some groovy playlist. Fast rock or rap are genres whose rhythm you can jog to. Create a rhythm and move with it.  If you are not running in a secluded environment, be sure to have only one ear plugged in.

Layer,  layer and layer some more

I didn't have to tell you this but now that I am you see that it is credible advice.  Many people dress too scantily.  You may need to get separate exercise clothes for this season.  Layer up and then get a hoodie . It should at least give you some warmth around your face.  You should also consider getting a head warmer too.

Drink some warm water

You can preferably spice it up with lemon.  It is common to hear that early morning drinking is very difficult.  Add some lime,  lemon or orange to help you gulp it down.  The warmer it is too,  the easier. This should give your metabolism a kick start.  It will help you accumulate some heat.

Are you ready for the jog?  Go for it darl.

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