Body Positivity : Looking Elsewhere, Looking Inwards

by - Saturday, February 20, 2016

I am a fan of healthy living and a health conscious lifestyle.  I am also an advocate of less of carelessness and good picks as regards health choices.  I believe that we are responsible for what we do to our bodies.  No one else is held responsible if a young woman with a high blood sugar level keeps on binging on cake and other sugary,  starchy meals.

Now, pause for a moment.

I want you to now look beyond that.  I want you to imagine a healthy but "plumy"  you.  If that's you,  you need less imagination to bring this to life.  So,  you are the fleshy chic.
Errrrrrrrrr..... Like this or maybe, exactly not. 

I need you to first of all understand that planet earth would be extremely boring if there were no varieties.  Imagine that every girl was slim and tall or that every girl was fleshy. It would be disaster especially  now that we have a taste of choices already.  Yeah,  variety is the spice of life.

Your falling into the fleshy category is an indication of your uniqueness.  You are another woman with a different body configuration.  Even though we have been able to classify  body shapes and figures,  every single woman is unique still.  I have seen fleshy girls with no single cellulite on their bodies.  I have also seen not so fleshy girls with a lot of cellulite.  We cannot dispute that the presence of cellulite  an be attributed majorly to the genetic factor.

I am getting somewhere.

I am trying to help you see for yourself how different every individual is body- wise.  Now that I have been able to help you understand that your natural body is different from your neighbour's and that we cannot all come in same or similar body shapes and figures, I want to you  to build up a level of confidence that can never be shaken by what's flying all around. And this is by saying to yourself that you are not your next door neighbour; you are not your class mate,  work partner; you are not the girl in the popular magazine.  You are you and you is different and different is classy,  classy is beautiful.

There is always a standard in every season.  One time,  a young woman is supposed to be 'waistless',  another season she is supposed to be with long,  slender legs.  Magazines have standards,  fashion blogs too, and then there's Instagram and a constantly evolving perception.  The revolution is sickening and if you are not careful,  you might get caught up in the craze.

Pressure from friends may not be direct,  it may be indirect and subtle.  They want you to meet up to a certain standard your body is not supposed to and you are worried.

You may need to start to look elsewhere to stand tall-look inwards.  Look at what you've got on the inside of you.  Your person is not your body,  it is on the inside. Your body is a borrowed housing; it will fade soon.  What are you doing while it is fading?

How are you affecting lives?  How are you getting your dreams and passions to maturity? What are you doing about your exceptional abilities? Your body,  you will realize after a while, is not the priority.  It is just a part of the plan.  Realizing this will help you appreciate that you,  like everybody has a housing.

Treat it with respect while you achieve greatness.  Dress up and show up nice.  Look for body flattering outfits.  You can go on the Internet and search for your body type,  get ideas and fresh inspiration on how to accentuate your positives and reduce your negatives.

Do not listen to what is going on around.  As a matter of  fact,  there is a lot of confusion out there and I really think you should not spend time nursing their vanities.

So get fit,  look elsewhere and stand tall.

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