How to Eat Healthy Consistently

by - Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Plate of healthy food

There is laundry to do,  a child to cater for,  a career to pursue,  exams to study for and probably,  a man to 'baby sit'.  You are immersed in so much that you forget to eat healthy.  Yes,  you can forget to eat healthy and consistently too. It is tricky,  an easy slip. 

Responsibilities can be so burdensome that you even forget to live well.  Giving yourself a treat can also become an expensive luxury as you age.  But first,  let's talk basics- healthy eating.  

One thing you must note is that poor eating choices may not only be detrimental to you but also to those who depend on your picks- children,  husbands,  work colleagues,  protégés. 

Let's see how you can get to make eating healthy a lifestyle.  

1. Make up your mind

To make any major lifestyle change, there must be a will.  This is what drives you.  Are you ready to constantly eat healthy no matter the challenges? Are you ready to be deliberate about your food choices? What are the costs? This will help you eat healthy even on the go

2. Have a plan

Make a food table once in a week or as you deem fit.  You can always adjust to suit your lifestyle. You improve daily,  remember? Eating healthy consistently requires a plan. 

3. Have plan Bs

Plan Bs are for unforseen situations.  What happens when you wake up late?  So late that you can't prepare a healthy meal.  An example of a Plan B is having some quick cereal fixes.  White oat is an excellent choice. 

4. Cook from scratch mostly

Make sure that you have groceries at home, it makes cooking easy.  When you cook from scratch,  you know what and what goes into your meal.  You have control over salt measurement,  spices and other condiments. This will help you eat healthy constantly 

5. Be prepared 

Whenever you have to go for an outing,  prepare yourself.  Make up your mind about what to eat.  If you want to make it your cheat day, probably because you think declining food may not go down well with your host,  fine.  If not,  eat before going so that you only have to take water,  wine or fruit juices as the case may be.  

6. Get a health conscious mate

This could be your roommate,  classmate,  husband or work colleague.  Just like a jogging partner motivates you to exercise,  an health conscious person motivates you to stay on track. Remember that you owe your mate a heads up too.

7.Have a fruit seller stop by regularly 

We get to see many fruit hawkers even on our streets.  You can meet with one of them and ask that they stop by when they are passing through.  It reminds you of your daily fruit intake.  When you can,  you can go to the market to buy in bulk.  If you live alone,  daily fruit purchase may be your best bet.  Only families can handle bulk fruit purchase without gross wastage. 

8. Indulge once in a while 

Oh,  yes.  This sounds contrary but I tell you that indulging helps you to kill your junk pangs.  If you stay away for too long,  it as be difficult for you to stop when you start junking again. 

9. Do some research 

Your local food may not be perfect choices as regards health so you might need to do a little research on how to enhance the benefits of any of them. 

10. Make a food lis

Come up with a list of possible healthy food combination.  With this new lifestyle,  so many things will have to change.  Think up food items and healthy matches for them.  Say,  beans. What can you eat with it to create a perfectly healthy meal. 

There you go- ways to eat healthy constantly.  Would you take up the challenge? 

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