Gift Ideas For Him This Valentine

by - Monday, February 08, 2016

Yaaaaaaaaaaaaay,  it's valentine again! February,  the month of love has been around for a while and we are looking for ways to make it grand. Grand shall it be.  Grand!   Do you still remember how you celebrated this season last year?  This is such a wonderful time to celebrate love. 

I am assuming that you are a little bit 'boxed up' and are confused about what to get; you can't just seem to figure out what to spend it on to make your man happy.  It's perfectly alright if you don't have that much extra to spend on him.  A fabulous time together is a great way to celebrate love.  You could see a movie,  eat popcorn on the street,  play a game or do something really fun. 

Okay,  for the chics who have got some extra cash,  here's some for you. I want you to think out of the box and go the extra mile. We don't want the usual and boring gifts he probably gets every single year and that's why I am putting up a post way earlier to help you prepare. 

Photo album 

You can prepare a photo album of his pictures or of both of you.  It is now time to have a nice collection of his whatsapp display  pictures,  Facebook,  Instagram and bbm photos.  Get a very romantic album and style printed copies in them. 

Romantic valentine videos 

Get someone to do this for you if you are not good at preparing a nice video all by yourself. This will be a collection of nicely captured moments.  Slot in one or two romantic words per slide.  Personalize this for him and watch him 'blush'. This is a brilliant idea especially for long distance relationships. 

Bed spread and pillow case

Yes,  we rarely think of this as a gift but it creates such a beautiful bond.  Having to sleep on something that reminds you of your partner is just very romantic.  Let this spread be his best colour,  be careful not to feminize it else you 'emasculate'  him.  Hihihihihihihihihihihihihi....  You don't want valentine gone wrong,  would you?

Body wash and/or cream 

This is also a fabulous idea.  We think perfumes more often than not.  Now,  it is time to think something in that line but different. What about getting his favorite fragrance?  Look for lotions that you are sure he would like to have smeared on his body.  

Key holder 

Yeah,  I know you never thought that could be a nice gift but it is.  This will do if you are on a really tight budget.  Get someone to customize for you.  Write something really romantic and make him feel loved any time he is about to open doors to anywhere.  

So,  what do you think?  Do you have other ideas?  Let me know,  other people are also reading this,  they might pick up one or two things. I wish you a lovely spiced valentine celebration. 

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