Good Reads #1: Weekend Links

by - Friday, February 12, 2016

Weekend links

Surfing the Internet is one of my hobbies.  I am usually everywhere.  I read some Web pages and I strongly feel like sharing their links. I am as a result going to be sharing these articles every now and then. 

This could be twice a month or more,  depending on how much of resources I have access to.  I will be sharing only relevant links,  links that you will be grateful to click through. So,  here's five of my #Goodreads. 

1. Find more time to read more books

I often complain a lot about not having time to do this that this this but when I take time to assess my living and lifestyle choices,  I realize that I spend too much time doing that that that that ; I eventually don't have enough time to do the real stuff.  This link reinforced so many other ideas I had to get going and reading as much as I want.

2. A Peek Into Mark Zuckerberg's Ultra-Minimalist Closet

Remember my article on capsule wardrobe?  Well,  it seems Mark has a thing for it.  And read what he says about his minimalist wardrobe... "I really want to clear my life to make it so that I have to make as few decisions as possible about anything except how to best serve this community," 

Who am I to be but I am impressed ; purposeful ladies,  take a cue. 

3. Ugly vaginas 

Now,  I would like that you read this article with the sense of finding answers to your questions.  I don't support looking out for men to have sex with,  men that love your 'ugly'  vaginas to prove a point.  The purpose of highlighting this article is to help you understand that unpopular doesn't mean abnormal.  Enjoy this one. 

4. 30 Pieces of advice for the new wife

This is probably one of my most favorite links. Listing is strikingly straightforward and down to earth.  Yes,  newly weds are worried about a lot of things including how to please their men during these first stages of marriage.  The burden of newness can also be too overwhelming  to process and that's why we need documentation from those who have been there.  Find this ink useful. 

5. Heavenly,  5 Year Old Awesomeness 

I stumbled on this on Facebook and I still can't get enough of it.  I actually,  can't get over it.  I am challenged to find a 5 year old pushed to do her very best by her parents.  I am encouraged in the fact that not all parents are folding their arms while they watch their children struggle with maximizing their talents. Heavenly's voice is breathtaking,  her poise is unshakeable and her confidence is mind blowing.  You'd love to watch this video. 

Have a fabulous weekend ladies. Tell me if you found any of my weekend links interesting.

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