Good Reads #2: Weekend Links

by - Saturday, February 20, 2016

Weekend Links

Good day ladies.  It's another weekend and I am excited already.  Here's a quick update about what happened during the week: I (after whipping up bf's psyche for the money) got a new Bible. It is a Women's Devotional and Study Bible (Good News Translation).  It is such a good resource for women.  My Quiet Time has become a moment to anticipate.  Whew!

Weekend links
And it's in my most favorite colour - purple 
First series of random pictures I took of the Bible 

So,  here are the links for this week :

100 Amazing Blogging Tips

This is a good article for bloggers. I began to practise some of the points in there already.

How to Lead When You're not the Boss

Okay,  I need to tell you that I am still looking for #girlboss.  If you have that book, would you let me read?  I promise,  no mutilation! That aside now,  this website I am referring you to is one of my best websites for women.  Please,  bookmark it mhen.

How to Declare Your Love to the Man

This is GlowVille's site,  my blog neighbour. Remember?  The Lord forgive me,  I rarely read his articles o but you see I don't know how I got to read this one and I found it thrilling.  He shares my idea too about not waiting around for some stupid relationship rules.

What You Should Know About Dandruff

I intentionally went to Wikipedia to go dig that up when I was beginning to get tired of this dandruff problem.  I think there are some things you'd learn about your dandruff if you check this link.  I now understand some things.

Berry Dakara's Links

I honestly,  totally,  don't care about what you think but I cyber stalk Berry Dakara. Bf should be tired of hearing her name on my lips already.  Well,  I found two articles I liked in her own link collection.

How to Examine Your Breasts
This is some knowledge you should have as a woman.  Please,  learn how to Examine your breasts with WebMD's comprehensive and very direct directions. Worthy of note is that I have been reading WebMD since JSS3.  I started surfing the Internet in JSS2!

How to Discipline Your Children

This is actually an old article. I stumbled on it and I looooooooved it,  totally loved it.  I would like parents especially to go check this out.  Sometimes we discipline children out of frustration. It should not be so.  We should not do that no matter how difficult it is.


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