Instagram : 5 Awesome Finds

by - Tuesday, February 02, 2016

Yes,  over the weekend,  I stumbled on some fabulous Instagram accounts.  I decided to do a quick recap. 


While I was making use of Instagram's search icon,  I stumbled on this.  And to think that this has been around for a while,  a long while? I like that.  Yeah,  it was an awesome find.


When some accounts are launched,  they are launched powerfully.  This account is refreshing.  I follow a lot of make over and beauty Instagram accounts but there's something about this account- it is real,  very real.  Makeovers should not be facial surgery, it should make you up.  I like what I see in here. 


This here,  is another food account. I like the twist to Nigerian food here.  There is a handful to feast your eyes on. 


This was while I was looking for some more facial beauty accounts.  Sometimes what we don't know may be killing us.  Ignorance is that deadly. I learnt how to be smart about my skin in here.  I am still learning.  This account is kinda new but I am falling in love already. She's doing a wonderful job in there. 


This isn't actually a new find,  I just had to include this.  I have been following this account for months now and I must say that this woman right here  inspires me.  She inspires me a lot.  Her creativity and business ideas are mind blowing.  Her style is refreshing.  And there's something else,  her relationship with her husband.  You can't help but notice the support.  There is so much of support you would wonder if the man ever has a job.  Actually,  he does.  

P.S- This is not a sponsored post.  Except for the last account,  I am still making up my mind as regards who to follow but I bet,  these finds were awesome,  hence this post. 

Enjoy the rest of the day sweeties. 

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