Financial Fitness in 2016

by - Friday, March 04, 2016

Well, it is now evident that body fitness isn't the only necessity for survival in 2016, financial Fitness is also required to walk through this year unscathed or almost unscathed.  What do you think?

Our finances as young women is one very important area of our lives. If we are to take a critical look around us, we can't help but notice the harshness of the economy. It is becoming harder everyday.  We only hope for a better tomorrow.  I hope for a better tomorrow.

But while things are getting back in shape and we are  living through the economic dryness,  how can we remain/ become financially fit?

Cut your coat according to your size

This advice is one that even the worst shopaholic had heard before.  The major challenge is having to take to it.  As young women,  everything fanciful jumps at us. This isn't any of our faults because to be truthful,  our youthful minds are wired the way. We want the best,  the most fashionable and the best quality.  Ain't nothing bad,  ain't. But to become /stay financially fit,  we must learn to recognize expenses that should be put on top of our priority list.  If that shoe is going to eat far into your budget,  why not suspend the purchase or postpone till a later time ?

Save,  even if it is little

Okay,  we must have heard this several times, many times without count.  Some people save for a particular budget,  purchase or mega project but a few others save for the rainy day. You may not be able to save much if you don't earn that much but tucking away a little 'something' can be a life saver at the end.

Do some side hustle

A little side job can also help to stay financially fit.  If your job or schooling allows,  learn a skill and make a trade out of it.  Go into some business if you have enough capital to start one. Waiting for a scheduled income may get one into a financial mess if it isn't forthcoming at an expected period.  

Shop wisely

You can read my post on realistic ways to prevent impulse buying. A single shopping experience can either make you financially fit or leave you financially marred of a long time. To stay financially healthy,  it is advisable to count the costs well.  Weigh options, consider your financial capability and think twice.

Don't miss out on promos and discount sales

You are lucky if you don't mind discount sales.  I know many women out there don't like that idea but this is reduced original price we are talking about here.  That little penny saved can go a long way if you are prudent enough.

For my readers outside Nigeria or let's say you are within the country and you use credit cards very often :

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