How to be Efficient at Work

by - Monday, March 21, 2016

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I have been in big shoes before and it wasn't fun. I remember when I was serving in 2014, it was difficult to be efficient as I had to juggle between my 8-4 teaching job and blogging.

My 8-4 job was on its own a full time job as I had to do very many things at the same time.  I needed to be efficient with blogging as my side hustle.  I learned a couple of things just after my service year,  things I wish I had learned earlier.

I am happy that I have an audience to share these things with. So if you want to know how to be efficient at work read till the end.

Keep your desk clean

The lesser the items on your desk,  the clearer your head.  When there are two many things in front of you,  it is normal to be overwhelmed but when you have things clearly mapped out and set in place neatly on your desk,  you have little to worry about. Organization is very important, learn it.

If you especially have your office at home, you may be tempted to dump household stuff on it. It's going to become too much of clutter later on. This can affect your productivity.

Keep a notepad close by

Scribbling urgent things on sticky notes can help to clear your mind so that you have the chance to prioritize.  To be efficient,  you have to have less things to worry about.  A notepad is your second mind. Too  much of stuff on your mind reduces speed and accuracy.

Handle only what you can

If you feel that you have too much task assigned to you,  you can speak to your immediate boss if you know jobs can be reassigned to some other people to release you of the pressure. We all know of how some folks work thrice as hard as the rest of their colleagues. They could make life easier by speaking out.  Too much of work reduces efficiency.

Keep everything handy 

Having to stand up every now and then to get this and that isn't cool.  Exhaustion sets in if you have a lot of work to do.  Just like we mentally prepare ingredients for a meal, prepare everything you will need at work in your head and get them close by. Your work is faster and better with everything close by.

I wish you a fabulous week ahead. Try to stay efficient at work this week. Happy Monday.

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