How to stay organized

by - Thursday, March 10, 2016

Life is a combination of living and multitasking. There is a always a next thing to do. Things never get wrapped up completely and that's simply as annoying as anything. Yeah,  right. I understand the feeling.

There are times I get so overwhelmed because of the workload I have at a particular period.  Sometimes I am tucked in bed and I remember that there is just this one thing I forgot to do. Sadly,  it is important! So,  I get up and whining all the way,  I conclude on the outstanding task.

This usually happens to us when we aren't organized.  Good news is that there are a lot of things we can do as women to stay organized. Every woman should make this her next feat: be organized.

Make up your mind 

Oh yeah, there are no two ways around this.  First of all,  there must be a deliberate move in the right step to keep your life and your space organized. It starts with the decision. No matter how busy you think you are,  deciding to be organized no matter what is half of the problem solved.

Plan your day

Have an idea of how you would like your day to go,  what you would like to do and things you must accomplish before the day is over.  Write them down. Don't be hard on yourself. Be realistic while scheduling.


This includes shopping list,  to-do lists etc. Going to the mall or the local market without a list will get you disoriented after a while. Your brain becomes cluttered after seeing too many things on display. Also organize specific tasks on to-do lists.

Avoid procrastinating

Staying organized involves doing the right things at the right time.  Recognizing when the time is right and taking the right step to move on to it will help you stay organized. Think about this point when you have the urge to watch TV instead of doing your Saturday cleaning.

Put things back in the right place

Have you noticed how quickly a well arranged book shelve becomes unsightly if there is no conscious effort to keep it clean? Keeping your immediate space in your dorm room isn't rocket science,  it is simply a matter of replacing any object from where you pick it up from. You don't have to look for stuff all the time.

Learn how to say no

Many times,  we put a lot of pressure on ourselves. Relieving the stress and staying organized may be learning how to say no on your part.  If an avoidable task,  say planning a friend's birthday party will eat into your time and get your week clumsy,  politely decline and make other arrangements to get the task done.

How do you intend to stay organized?

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