Stop The Mad Chase Now!

by - Saturday, March 19, 2016

Okay,  this is going to be blunt and rude,  maybe.  It depends on how you see it. If you like the truth,  it is going to be like it is supposed to sound - truth.

Let me tell you something real quick,  men know what they want.  Oh yeah,  if he really wants you and wants you to be his,  he knows how to do that.  Forget the 'oh,  he is shy' talk.  Please,  throw that out of the window right now.

If he is taking too much of time hanging around you,  flashing the light and not saying anything,  you can be damn sure that he isn't sure just yet.  When a man is sure,  he makes it known,  no merry-go-rounding. So,  while you are worried about why he hasn't called in for a week,  he is on to pursuing some other beloved chick. Open your eyes girls. This is not the difficult experiment in your chemistry class,  it is as simple as eating chocolate.

Don't be forward.  No no no. Don't go all about helping him to get it because he just doesn't see what you want him to see. Stop that mad chasing now,  stop all that senseless worrying and stage-managing. Stop it! It's making you look like a pest,  a woman with very little value. Why do you want to forgive his standing you up on a date,  twice.  'He is too busy',  you say. Really. Don't go there,  don't you dare.  And to think that the only excuse he could come up with for not calling you for a whole week is that he is too busy.  C'mon girl,  we both know that busy executives sneak into the rest room to ask their girls how they would like the nude pump circulating round the office.  Men know what they want. Now,  listen,  I don't believe in intentionally making the process a difficult one for any man.  No,  I don't hold that 'play hard'  belief. No!

But whenever your gut tells you to let him move in the direction towards you,  let him do it.  It's simple - he doesn't say it in plain words,  he is simply not interested.

Stop the stressing,  stop the subtle pleas,  stop buying the flowers, stop wondering why he won't look at you for longer than a second. Stop stalking him,  stop checking your phone every minute,  stop commenting on all his Instagram pictures,  stop asking him if he would like you to make him spaghetti for night reading,  stop...just stop it already. I don't care if you have already fallen for him, stop all that nonsense.

Here is what I am asking of you,  stop thinking for him. Stop helping him.  If he has manned up enough to spew the words,  oh yeah,  you can go on ahead to ease the process if you want it,  otherwise,  keep your dignity and respect your feminity. LET HIM CHASE,  EVERY MAN KNOWS HOW TO.

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  1. Funny post...I like it though because of the truth I read in it. Truth be told, its easier said, I'm sure many girls will agree with me.

    Let me reecho your words "keep your dignity and respect your feminity". Every lady should take note. As a lady, its important you don't think for your guy, instead think for yourself, that's what the guy really wants you to do... you may not understand, but I speak as a guy.

    Eup’s Blog

  2. #smiles.

    Thanks for dropping your comment.


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