Stop Buying Rubbish

by - Monday, March 14, 2016

I started building  a capsule wardrobe for reasons not part of that which an average capsule wardrobe builder builds it for.  I had way too many clothes to wash every week. There were too many choices and I would wear more than one outfit in a day.  School - church - sometimes friend visiting.  A new outfit for each!

As I began to learn the basics and understand how to work around my basic and essential pieces,  I was happy that I started to build a capsule wardrobe.  It is now more than avoiding laundry,  it is an issue of quality - spending money on acquiring needed quality basics and necessary items.

Now,  mixing and matching is easier. I have a rough grasp of what I own.

My Zimbabwean friend sent me a video on Whatsapp last week and I was like... Eish, this is truth! Every single blog reader must watch and listen. Listen to Caroline Mutoko expatiate on QUALITY. That's the key word baby. Quality!

Stop buying rubbish.  Enjoy:

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Have a fabulous week ahead.  Love y'all.

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