The minimalist way of looking stylish

by - Wednesday, March 23, 2016

how to look stylish
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There is so much going all around about the new way to look on fleek,  the better way to dress,  the only way to look expensive and a lot more.  This can be very draining especially for people like us on a small budget.  I am a student on a small budget.  Yeah,  I am on my postgraduate studies but I am not working.  I had to momentarily drop my phone to demonstrate the 'I am not working so stop expecting too much of my finances'  gesture.

But I still need to look good.  In fact,  if every other girl doesn't give a damn,  I have to and that's because I have an online image to project correctly well. But with a minimalist's budget, any woman can still look stylish.

I believe that there are some other people reading my blog who have to give a good impression outside too.  Having an image to project isn't exactly the issue,  staying stylish despite your minimalist living is.  Every girl can be on fleek. Let's see how.


Make sure your hair is neat at all times. You don't have to get the latest human hair weave-on,  trust me. Look,  I have seen many superb synthetic extensions. I usually ask around for the next good one before buying.  My sister is my consultant here.  Her hair is always on fleek,  human or synthetic,  braided or anything.   For those bad hair days,  find some inspiration online.


Don't fret if you can't get the all expensive brands of the make up items. Did you know that Concealer and powder can make you look as superb as you want to?  Get a concealer to hide your blemishes and  apply the powder all over to set. Invest in one or two quality lipsticks,  be sure they match your skin tone. If you can't draw,  trim your eyebrows.


Grooming is all you need. You can do some manicure or pedicure if you can. Buying your favorite colors of nail polish can save you some money. Just buy as you have the money.  For my toe nails,  I go for natural or light colours .  Baby Pink is my best so far.  I do this so that when I wear my sandals or flip flop ,  I look classy.

Body posture

This is very important ladies.  Listen,  your posture speaks a lot about your confidence level.  Don't slouch,  walk gracefully and stand upright. Nobody needs to know that your jeans was a hand down. Nobody needs to have the chance to size up your handbag. Carry yourself with confidence.


Yes,  yes,  yes.  Creativity!  I have been waiting to say this one.  Be creative with your wardrobe pieces.  Look on the Internet for inspiration on how to mix and match.  You don't have to have trendy pieces to pull off a fantastic outfit.  Basic pieces are okay,  they can be as powerful too.


Let me tell you what accessories can do for you- they can turn an ordinarily bland outfit to a stylishly fabulous one.  An accessory can dress up your simple black dress. A statement earring may be all you need to appear chic for a date.

There you go,  you can be on a budget and still be stylish.

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