Weekend Links #3

by - Friday, March 18, 2016

Weekend Links

The weekend is here again.  How quickly the days roll by. I can't describe exactly what my week looked like but I can say that I gained a whole lot of good stuff.  Blogging has been fabulous so far and I am beginning to explore into a whole new world of deeper and more tangible opportunities.  I will fill you in on some of the details as they begin to unfold.

I have got some interesting weekend links for you this; I hope you like them.

1. Busy can make less successful 
You can be busy doing nothing.  This article helped me reintroduce the meaning of 'busy'  to myself.

2.  A stunning musical performance
Awwwwwwwwn,  this was so so sweet. She was gradual,  thorough and gracefully sentimental. I am not telling you all,  watch it.

3. Failing drug test on secondary smoking
There are these set of boys smoking weed in my compound and while searching on the Internet about how to be free from this secondary smoking  horror,  I stumbled on this one.

4. This weird practice in Swaziland is preposterous 
  In the 21st century!  This article is an old one though but that this happens every year is saddening.  The all so important dignity is actually not dignity in that region after all.

5. This is a touchy subject- touching 
A lot of questions have been asked about how far is too far in Christian relationships.  I found this article handy,  direct and powerful.

6. Damn the influencers
Sheene! She wrote this,  a long time ago and I am happy she did.  I am finally free from pursuing the big people all over.  It is time to focus on my blog and let every other influencer focus on theirs.

Have a blessed weekend people. Tell me if you found any of my weekend links useful. Love y'all

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