3 Things You Should Never Say to Your Man

by - Saturday, April 02, 2016

To appropriately relate with your man, put yourself in his shoes. Would you love to be spoken to the way you speak to him? In fact, understanding basic rules of friendship is all you need to get along with your man. The only difference between friendships and relationships is romantic love.

There are so many relationships rules out there that keeping to them is just difficult. Some of these rules are totally unnecessary because every relationship is unique. Others are however very important to note. This one, for example, is an important subject. How and what you say to him especially when you are angry can cause a lot of trouble. It is mostly advisable to calm down during heated circumstances.

Go to hell

Other variants of this are- “I don’t care”, “do your worst”, “who cares”. Even after the quarrel is over, these sentences when remembered by your man hurts him. It is very easy to go way overboard when you are angry but it is advisable not to say anything in these instances. Taking time to calm down can make a whole lot of difference. Most of the time you don’t mean what you say when you are angry.
My ex wouldn’t do that

Comparing a relationship with a past relationship does not only hurt your partner, it hurts the relationship. Your ex is your past, this is the present. Except you would love to go be with your ex, keep talks about him out of your relationship. Men don’t like it, you also would never like it, would you? You see?

It’s over

Now, if it is not over between you two, don’t say this. You must have been very sure that the relationship can no longer work to utter this statement. Yes, I know that he can hurt you so much that you want to give up at that moment. Sometimes, you think saying that will help him take you seriously. Well, it may work the first time and that may scare the hell outta him but if you keep saying this over and over again, he will either not take you seriously anymore or find the need to end it himself because you sound unstable.

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