Weekend Links #4

by - Friday, April 15, 2016

Weekend links

Hello pumpkins,  thank God it's Friday. If not for anything, it's another chance to share my weekend links. I am so happy because I have had a very busy week. All I did all week and the last was to correct my project proposal. You won't believe how much of new chapters I have opened in the bid to correct; lot of new things I didn't even know about.  Referencing my sources particularly gave me headache. I don't know how subsequent weekends will look like because I may have to work in the laboratory on weekends to cover up for starting my bench work late. That isn't my fault and it is entirely another story. Anyway, away from the whining, how has the week treated you?

It's been a while since I shared my weekly favorites.  Today,  I am going to be sharing some interesting links with you.  Relax and have fun clicking through.

Note to pregnant self

Read Angela Fry's thoughts to her pregnant self. She had triplets!  Many of the lessons we learn in life are after a particular phase. We are not always prepared for everything. I personally don't feel guilty when  I make mistakes on a journey I have never embarked on. It's okay to tell your younger self what she should have known. Life isn't a competition anyway,  it is an individual race.

How to avoid overeating when you are out with friends 

I have been watching my daily calorie intake. You can read my post on keeping a food journal here.  It is very easy to overeat when you are out with friends. Caution is easily thrown to the air. This article is a very big deal. I gained from it.

Super falcons reportedly paid 10K

I have been listening to bizarre reports on the radio about how our Nigerian footballers are not paid including the coaches. Biko,  what's that? Some say it is lack of professionalism for footballers not to play well because the are not paid well or paid at all.  While I agree partially,  I want to point out that it is difficult to remain patriotic to a wicked boss.  Now,  the girls. 10,000 naira!

Artist transforms waste into art

You must have heard about the artist who turned waste into art. If you haven't,  it is a chance to see this talent for yourself. If you have,  you have probably not read the interview with him.

Secret of perfect curls 

I found this piece very resourceful. I believe in using two or three products at a time. This is because I get to know what actually works for me and so elimination by trial is very easy for my hair growth.  This article highlights many products but you could discover something you never have. Trying out something new with Lupita's hair stylist's advice isn't bad.

I hope you enjoyed the weekend links I shared with you today. Have a fantastic weekend and make sure you enjoy yourself. Cheers.

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