My New Blog Header

by - Thursday, April 28, 2016

Yaaaaaaay, I got a new blog header. Isn't it lovely? I have been longing for a change. I wanted something simple but classy; so I contacted Addyconcept to help me with something I had in mind and here we are.

There is also good news- he is now officially my blog designer. I am very happy because the first time I saw his designs I really liked them. As a growing blogger I just didn't know how best to approach him. I can only afford something cheap but to get such high quality with what my purse dictates right now seemed very impossible. We got talking on Facebook and somehow we struck a cord.

Not only did he do this for me for free, he has agreed to collaborate with me. You should know how happy I am. This means a lot to me because hiring a blog designer is expensive these days. Getting serious  people to work with you is also daunting.

Installing- The header picture he sent me was of dimensions-1182 by 408. The header size of my blog template is 492 by 202. After downloading the header from the theme expose demo version, I checked the properties of the picture and found the dimensions in the 'details' tab. My blog is running on the free version of the template. I hope that soon I will be financially capable of buying the full template.

Using picmonkey, I have resized to what worked for me the last time- 350 by 200. I however have a problem : after resizing,  I was able to keep the picture quality but no matter how much I tried, the picture isn't of good quality on the mobile template of my blog. I hope I find a way around this very soon.

I am looking forward to a better looking blog with powerful graphics, courtesy of Addyconcept. How has your week been?

Updated (May 2, 2016) - My sweet little feminist theme expose template didn't allow me to resolve the issue with my blurry mobile blog header.  Now I have switched templates. I now have the Personal theme expose template. It's as clean as the feminist theme and the header is very responsive. I didn't have to do anything to dimensions,  all I did was install the original size and bam,  all mobile devices are properly set.

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