Things you didn't know about your vagina

by - Friday, April 08, 2016

As soon as we reach the puberty stage,  we become more and more self aware and that's perfectly normal. These are changes that we can't help but notice. However,  we begin to worry about some of these changes as some seem to be off our expectations. Inasmuch as we definitely have some women with vagina abnormalities,  many of what you have personally thought abnormal are not after all.

It is self cleansing 

Douching,  steaming and all sort of things done to clean up your vagina isn't necessary,  in fact,  it could be harmful.  We have healthy bacteria and a lot of these processes kill them.  Use of scented soaps should also be minimized.  If you must use soap,  get one with small ingredients; non-scented,  preferably.

It is supposed to smell

There is a normal vagina smell which does not smell pungent or fishy. Every woman has her unique smell down there. There's really nothing you should do about it so leave it alone.  There are however reports  that eating pineberry and pineapple improves its smell. Pineapples are said to give your vagina its flavoured smell.  So,  if you want to try that out,  it's fine.

The vulva isn't the vagina 

The vulva is a combination of your labia,  clitoris and perineum. The vagina is an inward continuation of this external opening. Women come in unique configurations.  Some women even have a protruding vagina. It is the vulva projecting outwards of the opening well enough to be seen.

Discharges are normal 

Except your vagina discharge smells really awful,  they are normal.  You sometimes pull off your pant and there, mass of white/creamy liquid is staring back at you.  Not to worry,  it is your body's way of normalizing the vagina environment. Isn't that beautiful? So, becoming too self conscious about this isn't going to help anyone.

Your configuration can be a mixture of colours

I bet you were worried when you found out that your dark skinned self has a dark labia with a pale pink perineum. This is totally normal. For light skinned women,  they also can have another variation of colours 'down there'.

Have you ever looked at your vagina critically?  Take some time out to check out yourself in the mirror,  appreciate the anatomy and physiology of your vagina and be comfortable with the processes involved in stabilizing its environment naturally.

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