3 Recent Life Resolutions

by - Friday, May 06, 2016

life resolutions

I have been learning so much lately.  Three of the most recent lessons have been very pronounced.  Blogging about them is to make them permanently stamped on the tablet of my heart and also to let you see which one could be applicable to your own individual lives too.

1. Make more calls and send more texts

A very good friend of mine celebrated his birthday some days ago. He calls me so often that whenever I see his call I feel guilty that I have never for once returned his calls. Today I gave him a call and wished him a happy birthday. It begins with a step and I know that after a few more of these steps I should get accustomed to this. I want to begin to do more of calling (and sending texts) than chatting . It has a way of making people feel special just like it makes me feel special.

2. Follow up on new friendships

I have a very bad habit of meeting new people and closing that chapter. We start a conversation or meet at an event,  hit it off and that's the end. Sometimes the other party asks for my phone number but that is still all. I don't call,  check up or foster the relationship. That needs to change from now on. When I meet people,  I will make sure that I follow up on it if I feel it will be good relationship. I will visit people more often,  celebrate events with them (e. g weddings,  birthdays etc) and be involved in their lives.

3. Go back to God no matter how far I think I have left

I read a post on Facebook about why we sometimes withdraw from God because we feel we have gone too far or sinned too much. Firstly, God isn't looking for clean people to make clean. Only dirty people can be washed clean. The guilt isn't usually a result of the distance per say,  it is an impression the devil gives you,  the impression of a totally irredeemable life. I don't care anymore if it is three days without communication.  God wants us close to him and whenever I realize that a gap is forming,  I am going back. That's the privilege of sonship.

Any recent resolution(s) lately?

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