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by - Friday, May 13, 2016

jenifa's diary

'Watch Jenifa's Diary',  everybody had begged. 'Jenifa's Diary is just so interesting and funny and insightful and inspirational and... ', they would continue. But I had a lil' problem.

'How is you'

Now,  a lot of girls have begun to talk like this and I didn't understand why until 'they' explained how influential Jenifa's diary is. I told my friends that that is a no no. I don't like movies that influence people into so much of negativity. If a movie can influence so many girls into speaking incorrect English all in the name of imitation and obsession then I ain't watching.

jenifas diary

No sooner had I said that than I saw Amiife's post on Facebook. I literally went' argrrrrrrrh '. ' Would everyone give me a break? My friend had another chance to push this movie to me,  hyped it some more and talked about the award it won.

I didn't start watching out of interest,  it was out of curiosity. I got all first three seasons on my phone and  yes,  I am currently watching Jenifa's  Diary. Read Amiife's review of season one here. Amiife has promised to update us with moral lessons from the seasons as soon as she is done compiling them. I will make sure to update this blog post in light of that. Find season two's moral lessons compilation here.

jenifas diary

This seasonal movie is a sweet combination of comedy and inspiration. The load of lessons subtly embedded in the scenes are very commendable. I should recommend it to anyone who wants a good laugh. I also know now that girls choose what they want to be influenced by. If you decide to pick the positivity out of the movie,  you are probably going to fall hopelessly in love with it. To those of you who have decided to become loose in your use of English language because of the movie,  I say ire o. 

So,  are you currently watching Jenifa's Diary? Gist me na. 

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  1. Hello...please tell me a link where i can download jenifa's diary...thanks

  2. I have searched and searched. ...all to no avail. ..i will be very grateful if you can send me you link you download yours.

  3. Hey Uzorma, check YouTube. You can watch it or download it.

    1. Hello...searched youtube already. ...i cant find the complete episodes. Just 2-3 minutes clip.
      Please can you help me?


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