How to Appear Slimmer in Clothes

by - Wednesday, May 25, 2016

appear slimmer
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Whether it is your mid-section,  your bust,  bum, thighs,  overall body,  anywhere,  you can appear slimmer and give a thinner body illusion with simple style tricks.
For an event or a regular lifestyle,  you might want to shed 10 pounds off with just simple hacks to your wardrobe. Try these :

Invest in good undergarments

This is so basic that it is almost overlooked. Slack undergarments or those without proper fitting makes your appearance sloppy.

Use a body shaper / waist clincher

This can help hide problem areas. Your protruding tummy might be the only area making you look fat.

Do black

Black has the slimming effect. Invest in many dark coloured bottoms if you are for example trying to slim out your bust. I like the LBD for this purpose.

Adopt the monochromatic style

The one colour scheme works perfectly well in making you appear slimmer and even taller. To make your outfit interesting,  use different shades of a colour.

Opt for vertical details

Vertical lines and designs make you appear slimmer and even taller. Horizontal patterns achieve the opposite.

Incorporate more bold colours

More bold colours in your wardrobe helps you look slimmer overall.

Blaze away

Blazers are one of the most powerful third pieces. They have a way of creating the best slimming and fitting body silhouette.

Fit and flare gowns

Fit in the midsection and flared down outfits help you appear slimmer. This especially helps the A-shaped women. Be careful not to have too tight waist.

How has your week been? Mine has been going on fairly well. I wish you a fabulous days the rest of the week. Enjoy...

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  1. Have always go with the black. It helps a lot.

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  2. I do a lot of black too especially for my bottoms. It helps to balance out my A-shape.