How to Stop Obsessing Over Him

by - Friday, May 27, 2016

how to stop obsessing

You can't make decisions without him,  you can't go an hour without talking with him,  he is beginning to dictate how you spend your time and that doesn't matter at all. Is this you? Your life revolves around him? Your schedules, daily planning and wants revolve around him,  his philosophy and his life as a whole.

You know obsession is as harmful as it can be. Wondering what he is doing,  who he is currently with,  how he would react,  how not to offend him,  why he feels offended. You have done things for him at your own detriment,  missed a paper because you cooked for him,  broken some of your core personal principles to make him happy. You are finally like that girl you all mocked in school ; she breathed,  talked and discussed only her man and you all felt sorry for her.

The list is endless!

Listen,  obsessing over that man will drive you crazy someday. And you aren't even married to him? Funny thing also is that he is now beginning to take you for granted and that is why you hit the search button and stumbled on this post. Well,  someone might have personally recommended that you read this too.

Attach less importance to him. This has nothing to do with disrespect. By all means respect him. Men naturally tilt towards women they can pursue and win, women that aren't obsessed over them. We can't blame them,  it's just their makeup. Stalking and breathing him will drive him farther away.

Channel your passion and energy towards something else. Do you love to sew? Take an extra class,  go online and look for groups,  assignments and sewing tutorials. Become an expert! Love it with all your heart, be busy making waves and see your obsession reducing.

Focus on yourself. Show yourself some more love. Reevaluate your values and the goals driving you. If your number one goal in life is to be a Mrs. you might definitely become obsessive over the man who is likely to be your Mr. Get over that,  it's time.

In summary,  get a life, a vibrant one besides him, have friends,  mingle with other people,  pursue your passion,  read more, be more self loving and watch your obsession dwindle away.

Enjoy your weekend. It's another chance to drink some wine and be merry.

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