On Praying Without Ceasing...

by - Monday, May 09, 2016

1 Thessalonians 5:17- Pray without ceasing 

For those of us with busy schedules and activity clustered days,  we find it very difficult to be connected in the place of prayer all day.  I find that when we focus on our busy lives,  praying becomes almost impossible and that's why when we read the portion of the scriptures that admonishes us to pray without ceasing we are disappointed once again at our shortcomings. Communication with God doesn't have to be as difficult but we sometimes see it as one of the highest spiritual activities we can engage in.

What if I told you that it is possible to pray all day long even with a busy schedule as that of an 8-5 working mother? Yes. There are ways to stay connected to God all day without having the thought of a burdensome spiritual activity.

Early in the morning -  make it an habit to pray when you rise and before you set out for the day.

During meals- thanking God for the food and praying for those who lack is another way to get to commune with God.

On resumption to work- don't go without acknowledging God's protection and asking him to see you through the day.

On returning  home - Worship God,  thank Him. Pray about other things.

Direct your thoughts to him- on little,  temporal and seemingly petty issues where you want him to intervene,  when you are looking for a talk buddy,  he is right there even in your heart.

While waiting for someone or something -  this is an extra time to squeeze in a word or two. If you can't find anything in particular to pray about,  worship. Just worship.

At night -  when you are about to sleep. This is the perfect time to intercede for people you have related with during the day.

When  you wake up to pee at night -  a simple line of gratitude or intercession for someone can get you communicating with God for a considerable time.

These are not rigid times to pray,  they are only suggestions to open your eyes to how you can make use of your time to pray to God constantly.  Anybody can pray without ceasing.

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