Recognizing Toxic Relationships

by - Sunday, May 15, 2016

It's a tough one- spotting evil in camouflaged love. Friends,  family,  lovers,  co-workers are not people to suspect as toxic and so the process of absorption and destruction is almost never noticed.  Unfortunately toxins destroy us,  they eat deep into our systems,  if possible the core of our 'nervous framework'.  If we are lucky,  they don't turn off the switch and if we are not,  they masticate on our self esteem, rubbish our confidence and leave us feeling useless.

This sounds terrible,  doesn't it?

Here are ways to recognize these toxic relationships before they ruin you :

Your growth is stunted - emotional,  career-wise,  financial,  whatever type of growth. They always have a way of making you stop at the least. Trying harder gets them angry. They don't push you and when you push yourself,  they demand for reasons and ask why you aren't satisfied with where you are. Sometimes they use the word 'contentment' and you are not sure what that means anymore.

You always fidget for being you -   there is always an excuse for your being happy at what makes you happy. Your personality doesn't just seem right to them. You are always not sure if what you said pissed them up. Sometimes you check in to see if they are okay even when they caused you pain because you think you'd be blamed. You are just not comfortable around them.

They are too obsessive about attention -  this may sound like love if you are in a love relationship but it is harmful. If your friend or lover is always asking for undivided attention whether or not you are engaged in something else,  you might be in a toxic relationship.

If you think you are currently in one,  break up before it breaks you.  Toxicity doesn't ask for permission,  it just ruins you. You see why you shouldn't ask for permission to be free?

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