Staying True to Yourself in a Terrible Job

by - Wednesday, May 04, 2016

We've all at one point had that job,  assignment or  responsibility that was just not it. It could be school for you,  or even your full time job. It could be a basic responsibility. Some girls just don't like to cook but mama says cook you must and then the dishes,  you have to do the dishes too! If as we speak your 8-5 job is just as hellish as hell can be to you and your work mojo is a mess,  I need you to understand that you aren't the only one in this battle.

Many times we advise people to quit jobs that make them miserable but on closer,  thoughtful assessment,  we,  I, have come to realize that many of us are in situations we can't help. Quitting a job might cause the whole family to suffer. This isn't a joke,  some people are stuck at their jobs because losing them would distort their lives and cause problems,  especially financial problems to arise.

While you are struggling to get a change or make do with what you have at hand for a while,  I have tips below to help you stay true to yourself,  keep your fun mojo alive and help you not be miserable every second.

-Have a fun thing to go back to after a long day at your terrible job.

-Think of what makes you happy while at work - your spouse,  your son,  a healing neighbour,  the proposed vacation,  your recent comfort movie etc.

-Think of the greater cause. For example,  say to yourself, 'I could endure a little while to keep him in school,  this too shall pass.'

-Be distracted when you can. Music if allowed at work can soothe you, so update your playlist.

-Make quality friends at your work place. People on whose shoulders you can cry on if you feel too overwhelmed. People with whom you can laugh together when you achieve something cool.

- There is always a fun part in every miserable job, it could be documentation for you or social interaction with clients. Whatever it is,  look forward to it and enjoy that happy time.

-Remember that some other people are in jobs they would like to change if they could so commend yourself for the courage and be happy with that fact.

Are you currently in a terrible job? How have you stayed true to yourself? 

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  1. Great thought.
    Sincerely, there are times one just feel like going to work just to tender resignation letter but the fact is that they are normal especially when one is trying to adapt to a new change of role or getting used to a new responsibility.

    I believe that developing a positive mindset towards change and seeing challenges as opportunity to get better would help to soar through those gloomy period.

    The fact is that the CEO probably felt like sacking himself one time or the other before the business got to this stage.