Weekend Links #5

by - Friday, May 20, 2016

weekend links

Hello there,  how was the week? It's weekend again and I am excited because it is usually an opportunity to get away from school and books. Sad thing however is that by the eve of Monday, I am already getting set for the following week.

I have some interesting Web pages I found on on the Internet. You'll like them :

Going offline for a day

In all honesty, this is almost impossible for people like me whose passionate jobs revolve around the Internet but if I were to try it I would do this on a Sunday.

How to perfectly crack an egg

This is finally a way to crack egg shells without having pieces in your egg bowl. I haven't tried this myself as I read this article yesterday. The next egg(s) I am cracking,  I will be using this method. I particularly loved this link in the comments

Losing belly fat

There are many options to choose from this list. Try one or two at a time so that you know what actually works. Switch to other options on the list if you have to. You'll love this article.

Tips for networking like a pro

Yeah right,  networking like a pro. Visiting oriflame's site for the first time got me attracted to this article and I know you'll find it resourceful as I did.

Taking care of a toddler's afro

For mothers with toddlers with an afro,  read this mother's account on how she styles and takes care of her daughter's natural hair. Adults too can pick one or two techniques from in here.

So,  how are you spending the weekend? Any parties? I am attending a wedding ceremony tomorrow. I will be singing with the choir. And beacause it is a wedding,  I will be tying gele. I am however skeptical about heels,  I think I will go for strap sandals. Tell me about your weekend.

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