10 Tips for Dressing Your Skinny Body

by - Monday, June 06, 2016

There is nothing as body flattering as dressing right for your specific body type. Accentuating your positives (and concealing your negatives) produces a perfect finish. Have you ever seen an outfit on someone and felt like something isn't right? Beautiful pieces can only bring out a beautiful appearance if the owner can style appropriately.

For skinny damsels,  here are tips for dressing your body :

1. Wear more of horizontal stripes.

2. Bootleg jeans give you more dimension.

3. Peplum tops and dresses make your look fuller.

4. Invest in bright colours,  they give a wider illusion.

5. Distract from your body by wearing at least a statement piece - earring,  shoe,  handbag,  head wrap etc.

6. Tucking in your shirts can make your hips look wider.

7. Have more of detailed clothes,  prints,  ruffles, twists, knots and layers.

8. Layering also helps to add dimension. Boyfriend jackets on tank tops,  Blazers on shirts etc...

9. A-line skirts, midi skirts, skirts with pleats,  rumples and gathers are your best skirts.

10. Too much of baggy jeans or oversized shirts only emphasize how small you are if you are petite.

Note : they key is to add curves and volume.

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  1. Hmmmmmmmmmm... I nw knw! Useful piece!! Tanks for teaching me!!!

    1. I am gladdened this piece is of help.