Bananas and Weight Gain

by - Friday, June 17, 2016

bananas and weight gain

I met a weight loss enthusiast in Portharcourt some days ago. We had a very interesting discussion because we found a common ground - calories. Not long after we switched to bananas and weight gain. She complained about how she innocently ate so many bananas while watching a movie and thought to herself - it's a fruit after all. The spike in her weight numbers was a whopping 3kg and she asked what the heck all that was for.

I have been researching about weight loss since I was 16, probably 14 because that was when I learned how to surf the Internet and my search keywords revolved around weightloss and health. I am not overweight but my mum is obsessed about losing some more pounds even though she isn't overweight either. I wasn't as shocked as she hoped I would be because I had learned a few things about bananas.

Many nutritionists have had different things to say

Some say that bananas don't cause weight gain even if you eat as many as you want because like any other fruit,  it is healthy. The other sect claim that bananas are calorie dense and like any other calorie dense food,  it will cause a spike in the numbers. Bananas,  they claim are also high in sugar content which in turn converts into fat faster.

It's all about calories in the long run

Bananas are quite deceptive. Woho,  apologies to those who love the fruit to a fault. Nutritional analysis have that a medium size banana has 105 calories. A whopping 105! You wouldn't eat only one of those,  would you? Imagine how much of calories you'd be consuming in a sitting if you had a bunch with you. I am not a thorough fan of bananas but I have eaten a bunch an a half at a sitting before.


You can lose every single unnecessary calorie depending on your activity. So,  you see,  it's about the numbers. People however do not know how much of calories it contains and so they go on ahead eating and hoping that it would do them the best like every other fruit would.

Bananas fill the stomach easily and so if you want to use them for weight loss,  you'd be right on track only if you are smart about the calorie intake and how you work out the excess.

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