Dear Beautiful, It's a New Day!

by - Monday, June 20, 2016

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Article written by : Folorunsho Omotola

Why do I always to have be this way? Why does each day have this effect on me?  And am I the only one or does everyone feel the need to always stay in a day and not look forward to another one?

Every day has its own itch, if it's not the car, it's the period, if it's not the period, it's the hair, if it's not that, it’s the guy in our lives, if it's not the guy, it's our parents, if they are not the ones then it could be anything among a long list of other things, if not all the things on a very long list of many other things. Sometimes we say we are lucky and that we've just got one of the problems on the list but then we handle them like one with all the problems. The thing with problem is, it's not about how many the problems are but how we handle them. So call it a circumstance or daily itch, they are bound to happen. If you don’t expect them, they’ll expect you to look for them, of which is common whether planned or unintended.

With all these in each day, many of us find it hard to move into the next day because we feel the day only brings problems, forgetting that for each day, there's life, in each day there is a proposal, in each day there's a new great job, in each day there's a word from a loved one. Sometimes that’s all we need for the rest of the week, in each day, in each day there's this gift we've been waiting to receive. It all comes, each day for everyone.

So if it's not your turn today, why not look forward to tomorrow with hope and a smile, why not turn to the mirror and look at yourself with enough confidence to face what the day brings, that way, we face the day without fear of what is to come; without having to think of the boss that’s on your heel, without or of the mistake you made yesterday because it's only making you a better person today.

It’s a brand new day and its waiting for you, I hope you are ready for it.

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  1. Nice composition
    Let's also make effort to make use that opportunity, job, proposal that comes with each new day

  2. Nice composition
    Let's also make effort to make use that opportunity, job, proposal that comes with each new day

  3. Life is infinite,one day or the other something good is bound to happen.I love the article

    1. We can only keep hoping for better days instead of sulking about the bad ones.

      Thanks for stopping by.

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